06 April 2012

Four Years, Four Years of Tears-- and regrets --

My dear Gimli, I am already thinking of you. If things had been different you would have been about to celebrate your 7th birthday on 07 April. As it is, you died the day after your 3rd birthday at the hands of a trusted vet. I dreamed of you the other night. It was so real ....so tangible. I felt you near me; your warmth and the way you loved being close to your mommy. I wish I could celebrate you without thinking of the negative -- but I will always feel traumatized by the way you died. So unnecessary, so preventable ---- IF the vet I trusted had actually cared enough to make sure you'd be safe.. It's up to US... as pet owners ... to be aware of our options. I can guarantee you this; the majority of vets WILL NOT offer you options nor will they know the potential dangers of using Ketamine on Sphynx or on an HCM kitty. It's up to us to educate ourselves. I hope some of the information here will help you in your decisions in anesthesia. I wish there had been something...anything... to consider before I allowed, out of ignorance,that Ketamine be used on Gimli. I hope he knows that mommy never wanted harm to come to him and that she -- and daddy -- will consider him a hero for others.