25 August 2008

Written to a friend in a professional circle who lost their kitten by extreme violence. Her kitten was torn to shreds by a neighbors dog - in her own yard. The dog, known for its aggressive nature has harmed other animals and yet is still roaming free in the neighborhood.
A loss is a loss.

It angers me so much that people allow their aggressive pets to do such random acts of violence upon other animals == and if they are pets then that violence cascades down upon owners and their families.

Accountability is something I'm currently, personally, carrying a banner for in my own quest for justice over our Gilmi's unnecessary death at the hands of our trusted vet this past April. While our issue differs from the utterly violent nature of your loss of Moe, it's all the same thing... accountability - whether it be a vet who's too damned lazy to check the facts, or an idiotic animal owner who carelessly allows their dangerous pet to roam and harm at will.

My heart goes out to you for your loss... and to others on this list who have mentioned similar instances. Pets have SO little rights. It's shameful. Their only voice is ours. Don't forget to visit the Pet Loss website -- Gimmie's tribute is there; and it does help, somewhat.
Death is easier if not untimely and unnecessary; the parting and hurt, however, remains the same.