08 February 2009

View the March/April Sphynx Breeders / Enthusiast Newsletter - and tell your friends

The information in the newsletter would be helpful and enjoyable to most owners / breeders of cats in the exotics line. In fact, a representative from the Devon Rex Society has already requested that an article on Nebulizing be reprinted in their own newsletter.

The entire cat fancy can benefit from the SBEN - but most profoundly benefited are Sphynx and other exotics.

Here's a direct link. Click on the image to download the PDF.

Thank you for reading this blog and the SBEN newsletter!

07 February 2009

A Willingness to Help... A Voice Being Heard

I often wonder if anyone, anywhere has truly been touched by my outcry over Ket/Val and our breed. It is something that I wonder about from time to time and especially as I continue to find myself staying up well into the early morning hours plugging away at this cause.

Just last week a supporter and friend of mine reminded me, quite accurately, that medicine is an art.

She very wisely said that, "Living beings are very complicated and there is no ONE recipe for success. And people are human and mistakes are made. I've learned to accept that over time. And that acceptance came with lots of tears, for sure. But reality is reality. And there is so much we can't prevent no matter how hard we try. Fighting that truth takes up a great deal of energy and the end result doesn't usually change much."

*sigh* Yes. I do agree with that assessment of the medical arts and our hearts; but let me share with you my reply.

"There is certainly much truth in your statement and I know you mean well to share it with me. However I can't let the Ketamine issue drop. I sorely wish I could as my life, my free-time, and my mental health would surely find relief.

My life has gone from being somewhat joyful to somewhat depressed and I find I am uplifted and encouraged as I in push onward with my little quest. I agree and I'm afraid, as you've eloquently stated, that all my efforts will be in vain in the long run ...BUT... if we don't TRY then we have to deal with complacency, apathy, indifference and, ultimately, more loss. I just don't want to do that.
So my plan right now is to continue bashing my head against the forces that be... a lack of vet knowledge, much indifference by the vet community, and a great possibility that I'll never really make a dent. But I'm trying, and at some point in time, perhaps I can stop and say... well, I gave it my best and I feel good about that.

Maybe it is a teeny bit different when we are owners and not breeders. Breeders see a great many babies go in and out of their life. Some share time at other catteries, some go to new homes, and some go to the great beyond. I realize attachments are made with each and every one, but due to the cycle of life and, sometimes death, that breeders witness there may be an adjustment that gives you all a better perspective.

For me and my husband, having two Sphynx was not something we would normally be able to afford but Fate saw a way to put our first two firmly in our hearts. Losing one so quickly and after such a commitment of our time and emotion has been tough and, for me at least, I've not found the solace in another little one that quenches the hurt and the missing.

I do appreciate your words and I know I have support among many here and w/in the Sphynx community. I also know that my intentions may be somewhat naive - but they're honest and I have to honour them."

Another supporter and friend wrote:

"Please don't forget: thanks to you, I (and I am just one or many!) know about the danger of Ketamine, and that means that my vet knows. This means that my Sphynx will not share Gimli's fate (I'm not sure if I am spelling his name correctly, so please let me know), nor will my Devon Rex, another breed that should not be given Ketamine. It also means that my vet has been alerted to this situation and will never give any other Sphynx or Devon Rex Ketamine. I hope he will alert other vets in Basel and even other Swiss vets. I have let Victoria in Austria know, so her Sphynx should also be safe from this scourge. We can also tell the whole Sphynx Friends group, and I think that it is indeed possible for ONE voice to make a huge difference! Look at articles in magazines that feature some person who has changed everything for a whole society or country or whatever! I very much admire you for not giving up on your "quest." Just don't listen to anybody who discourages you.

I also agree that medicine is an art. And, as my dad once pointed out to me: doctors practice medicine! And although practice makes perfect, perfect doesn't exist in art."

This week alone I was contacted by two people - from two different countries, both asking if I would kindly send the information I have on Ket/Val, and Gimli's story, to them. They both wanted to read the infomration and print it out for their vets. That makes me feel purposeful and proud.

As I am now being head-butted by Gimli's brother, Bilbo Bombadil, I must cease my ponderings for today and find something for this boy to nosh on.

05 February 2009

An Exciting Debut for the National and International Sphynx Community

It is my extreme priviledge to be a small part of the newly released Sphynx Breeder/Enthusiast Newsletter. Our first issue, for February/March, made its debut today.

The contents of The Sphynx Breeder/Enthusiast Newsletter is open to a number of topics of interest covering Sphynx health, breeding, showing, feature articles, history and more. We’d like to have sections of interest to everyone from around the world, but we need your help.

If anyone has topic ideas or would like to contribute an article, would like to submit a question for the editors to consider for the Readers Q&A Section, be involved in editing or gathering information for specific topics please contact us at:

Sphynx.Newsletter@gmail.com privately or join at http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/sphynxnewslettersubscribers/ to receive new issues.

If you have any interest at all in the Sphynx breed I would like to encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter and become a part of the community of Sphynx lovers world-wide!

04 February 2009


In the hopes of establishing an official home for Gimmie's Fishes domain and hosting set-up was completed today.

This blog will still be in use but mirrored at the official site.