31 January 2009

A new year... a new determination.

January hit the ground running. I'm finding it incredible that the month is almost gone. Seems like 2008 was never-ending... for me... it certainly had a lasting affect.

So, the holidays are behind us and the tree is tucked away in its box for another year. Now it's time to roll up the sleeves and get back to work.
Determination can be an odd companion. At times it is never-yeilding; at other times it is ever-wanning. But if it's truly there then deeds can be done.
[ photo of Junipurr Lily and Rosie Rosebud, titled "We're Pal's!" ]

I've had a few things impose themselves upon the temporary "retirement" from my cause - and all have been positive.
Back in early December I had an email from a vet that works at the Paris, France corporate office of Royal-Canin.

I doubt anyone is actually following this blog, but if so one might recall that I had attempted to contact a vet at RC for help and was told that she was moving to Brazil and a new vet would be taking over her position. The vet I contacted promised to give my emails and contact information to the new person. Days, then weeks, then months passed and nothing... and then in came an email from the new veterinarian.

She wrote:

C. Galli sent me your e-mail and your request. First of all, I'm sorry for this late answer but it took time to collect some information and because of personnal issues I couldn't send you this e-mail before.

In fact, I haven't found other researchs written by Dr Houard or scientfific research related to ketamine & sphynx. It seems that his paper was the result of his personal experience, as he has a private practice near Paris.

I've searched for people you could contact on this subject: it exists some veterinary associations specialised in anesthesia . They may have observed the same thing as they are specialised in this field and they consult a lot of cats & dogs.

These are the contacts I've found in the USA:
Veterinary analgesia and anesthesia support group
American college of veterinary anesthesiologists

Hope it will help you, Best regards
S. Rivière


I found her email encouraging and it gave a renewal to my quest... if only for the sake of having someone remember and feel it important enough to respond. See? I am so desparate for any success that even the slightest thing is a milestone.

So, then I had not one, but TWO emails sent from Sphynx owners. One in South Africa, and one from the USA. Both had heard that I had documents on Ket/Val and Sphynx and asked if I could provide them literature to give their vets. Which I most happily did. Oh, but to save one life, one heart from breaking. Encouragement!

On 07 January I was contacted by a fellow Sphynx lover who happens to be a very successful breeder as well; Arden Gaitlin-Andrews, of AngelFire Sphynx cattery. She said that she was starting an International Sphynx Breeder/Enthusiast Newsletter - for the SX community - and asked if I would be the Editor of the owner's section.

I jumped at the chance.

Now.. bear in mind I jump at chances regardless of if they have a monetary value to my time. For years I've bashed my head in, locally and w/in my own apathetic community, to bring about a community band, a community dinner-theatre, and a 5-county non-profit arts council. All were successful but back-mind-and-spirit breaking experiences. After resigning as president from the arts council I took a solomn (well other than my rants to exceptionally close friends) oath to NEVER, EVER put myself out for my unappreciative community again.

But this is different. This strikes a cord. This would allow me a platform, a voice, and a way to help countless others know more about the Sphynx breed. It would allow me to share my findings directly with others who are interested.

So.. yeah, well.. you see where this is going. :-)

Our first newsletter - Volumn 1 - will be distributed digitally and will cover the months of March/April 2009. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Safram Sphynx - by Sandy Adler
  • Nebulization - by Diana Scott & Carolyn McGuire, DVM
  • With or Without the Necklace? - by Carlee Marrer-Tising
  • Genetics 101 - by Paul Patton
  • Bath Time - by Cyndee Gause
  • A Special Goodbye [Sue Gleason] - by Paul Patton
  • Feline HCM - by Judy Webb Gunby
  • Judging Sphynx Across Associations - by Mary Perfitt-Nelson
  • Sphynx Multiples - by Kay Marshall
  • Showing Sphynx in Switzerland - by Carlee Marrer-Tising
  • B.A.R.F. - by Judy Webb Gunby
I would like to encourage you to join our FREE subscription list at Sphynx Newsletter Subscribers Yahoo Groups (mention this blog in your request to join), or you can visit us online at our Sphynx Breeder/Enthusiasts Newsletter Blog and on Facebook.

I do appreciate any readership this blog has. If you are reading it ... thanks.

Bilbo and Gimli watching birds - January 2008
Artwork copyright of K.Marshall