08 April 2010

I will dream of you and see your precious shadow in my mind


It has been a reflective day. A day that was filled with sadness for a loss, happiness for our newest little Sphynx boy, pride for our sweet and weird Bilbo, and with the honour to raise Gimmies nieces - Rose & Lily.

Today I reconnected with a human that I love and care for. I was productive at work and had a great dinner made by my husband that we shared with my father, BG. For this sad anniversary it was a day of thanks.

Photo of shadows casts against a wall, of
Bilbo and Gimli only a week prior to his death.

But I've been thinking of you, little buddy.

You would've been proud of your niece, Lily, who made the incredible jump last night from the kitchen counter (a no-no, still) to the top edge of the kitchen door. Amazing! She also is now the keeper of your fish - who is now four years old and just as wiley as ever. She watches out for him just as you did, sweet boy. I think you would have been proud of her.

Tonight I was sat upon by both our boys -- Bilbo and Sigmund -- for an unusually extended period.... All night.
Do they sense something that I'm not displaying openly but feeling deep inside? Can they smell the lingering sadness? Who knows... but still... of all nights I, for the first time in two years, had two loving boys in my lap, purring to me and wanting to be held. It reminded me of you and I was grateful for the feeling, and for the love you so freely gave and that was given equally to me this evening.

I will not cry tonight, but I will dream of you and still see your precious shadow in my mind.

06 April 2010

You would've been five today, my darling boy.

Two years.... have we forgotten, no. Will we forget, no. Has Tupelo Animal Clinic or the vet that killed you shown responsibility (even with a necropsy stating that Gimmie was killed due to the Ketamine given to him during a DENTAL CLEANING)? .... No...

We have three more Sphynx in our lives - four including Gimli's "brother" Bilbo who turned five on 28 Feb. of this year. Rose and Lily are Gimil's nieces from his brother, "DZ", aka GC GODZ My Dadza Mooner. And we added another sweet (but mischievious boy, GoNaked FreudianSlip of RmplSlkSknz, aka, Siggy) boy to our home last November.

We still miss our Gimmie Gims. He, in the three years he lived with us, was our delight. He loved his life and I shall never fully remove the guilt I feel for putting him in the unnecessary peril that led - w/in 20 minutes - to his untimely death.

We miss you, Gimli. You were ours and you were a gift. You, and your story, have saved countless others from the same fate that you suffered. You have no idea how many people - the world over - who write to me about you, who know you, who thank me for sharing your story.

I am selfish. But a small part of my heart rejoices that your death was not in vain... that you have helped others, and shall continue to do so through this blog, and ...hopefully through the slow and encumbered rumblings of news that some companies making and dispensing veterniary Ketamine are now being investigated.

Time will tell, but for now your story.. your life.. and even your death, may help others be spared the sorrow and loss that those that loved you so very much have lived with.

We miss you, darling boy. We will lay another remembrance memorial at your bridge this weekend... you are not forgotten, and never will be.


Mom and Dad