24 September 2011

HCM recheck in Atlanta for Siggy

I am happy to announce the result of the 3rd heart check on our Sphynx boy, Siggy.

On 20 September 2011 Dr. Darlene Blishchok found that Siggy's heart was stable but had a slight defect that did not affect his hear's ability to function.
We went with hope and left with joy.

They had to use Isoflurine on Siggy during his first visit (he is cantankerous) but this visit they were able to do the echocardiogram without the use of any sedation. I am overjoyed about that as well.

To note: This wonderful clinic has also banned Ketamine. As a caring pet owner I believe that it is important to note that knowledgable vets are now prohibiting the use of this dangerous drug.