24 December 2008

A Christmas without our ReinDear...

Gimli... our little precious, sweet, and very irritated reindeer. What a face, and how we miss him!

Gimli loved any events that involved a chance for him to show-off. Christmas and Thanksgiving were major events for our Gims.

This year we had new little friends in our lives -- Junipurr Lily and Rosie Rosebud (Rose of Sharron), and of course our darling Bilbo.
The girls enjoyed every single aspect of the holidays and gave us so many laughs as they experienced one "first" after another.

But through it all there was one missing and one that was missed.

After "the curtain fell" in late October I will admit to having a need for a time-out. A time to regroup and reaffirm. That's OK. I know my resolve will return.

What isn't known by some is how much resolve I actually have.
I'll not forget, Gimli, and I will not allow your death to be in vain.

We love you! Mom & Dad, Bilbo, Lily, and Rose.
Our seasonal card - FRONT

Our seasonal card - INSIDE

Message on Gimmie's photo reads:
In memory of Godz Gimli-GilGalad who was defeated in life by Ketamine and HCM.
Please support the Winn Feline Foundation.