09 September 2008

One more reason why I prefer pets to people...

For the past ten weeks I have been patiently waiting word from a doctor of veterinary cardiology who agreed to phone Dr. Houard, in Paris, France (to try to validate his research, etc.).
I was asked to be patient and, despite my natural personality type (which includes an impatience gene), I have waited with hopeful expectation of an answer or in anticipation of a new direction to scope out.

I phoned the Drs. office late last month and was told I would get a return call. Didn't happen.
I phoned again the end of last week and was told that I could speak with the doctor on Monday. Monday the doctor was out, so I left a message asking if I could have ten minutes of her time today to discuss her efforts in speaking with Dr. Houard or his associates.
... an answering service called to tell me that the doctor had tried to phone Dr. Houard many weeks back, and did not get a reply.

Now.. one might ask; what is my gripe?
-- Did the doctor fulfil her promise to me? hmmmm... well, I suppose so, if pressed for an answer.

-- Did the doctor follow up with me so I would no longer be kept waiting and wondering? That one's easy. No.

-- Do I appreciate the effort, regardless of the lack of compassion shown to my inquiry and concern?
That's tough... well, tough, I should say, for me to be gracious.

Had I received a courteous (dare I say, even conscientious?) update from the doctor I would not be sitting here feeling like my efforts are unimportant, feeling irritated and anxious, and wondering why such a small courtesy could not have been extended. How long ago she tried to phone him? Was it only one, quick effort?
How many days and weeks have passed by that could have been used searching for someone fluent in French to make that call?

I don't have a clue as to the age of the researcher, Dr. Houard. For all I know he may be young and still very active in his field; but what if he is not? What if there is a window of opportunity to find out the questions I need to verify? These are the notions that so worry me.

Yesterday (08 September) marked the fifth month since Gimli was killed through the use of Ket/Val during a routine dental cleaning. Yes... feelings are still raw and, as the days, weeks, and MONTHS push onward I feel an urgency to press forward and make some progress.
In some ways I feel... haunted. I don't mean to imply that in a spiritual sense or a malicious sense... but rather in an obligatorial sense.
I feel indebted to Gimli for the love and joy he brought into our lives.
I feel indebted to him to make his death meaningful and helpful to others.

Therefore.. all of this is pretty important to me. Such are the things that drive people into action.

Do YOU, kind reader, know of someone who might be willing to help? I'm suffering from a locale problem as well... for, unfortunately, in my area French is not taught in our local schools or local community college, nor anywhere within my immediate vicinity.
If so, please contact me through this blog. I could use some good fortune about now.

So in my pondering and silent debate on Pets vs. People, Pets seem to be winning out.

Final thought today: I feel very much alone in this quest to help our breed.