06 April 2012

Four Years, Four Years of Tears-- and regrets --

My dear Gimli, I am already thinking of you. If things had been different you would have been about to celebrate your 7th birthday on 07 April. As it is, you died the day after your 3rd birthday at the hands of a trusted vet. I dreamed of you the other night. It was so real ....so tangible. I felt you near me; your warmth and the way you loved being close to your mommy. I wish I could celebrate you without thinking of the negative -- but I will always feel traumatized by the way you died. So unnecessary, so preventable ---- IF the vet I trusted had actually cared enough to make sure you'd be safe.. It's up to US... as pet owners ... to be aware of our options. I can guarantee you this; the majority of vets WILL NOT offer you options nor will they know the potential dangers of using Ketamine on Sphynx or on an HCM kitty. It's up to us to educate ourselves. I hope some of the information here will help you in your decisions in anesthesia. I wish there had been something...anything... to consider before I allowed, out of ignorance,that Ketamine be used on Gimli. I hope he knows that mommy never wanted harm to come to him and that she -- and daddy -- will consider him a hero for others.


Brandon said...

I am so sorry to hear about your cat.
I woke up Sunday morning to my cat dead (I was given my cat back still unconscious from the Ketamine they gave her). I do not know if it was the Ketamine that killed her or something else because, as it was Sunday the vet was closed, and I couldn't gut the idea of allowing someone to dissect my baby girl. It was absolutely mortifying to have to find my girl, my 3 and a half month old cat, dead in the little mesh kennel that she had come home in. I'm lucky, because, as I am a freshman in college, I live on campus and I was not going to go home that weekend that she was to get shaved and ridden of fleas. I will never have the closure in knowing what happened between the hours of 12 A.M. Sunday morning and 11 A.M. that same afternoon. The only positive that I am able to take from this is that I found her almost in the exact same place that she had passed away.

Did you ever receive Gimli or did you receive a call that he had passed away? (Ultimately, I am asking if Gimli was ever conscious before you received the tragic news of his passing).

Anonymous said...

So sorry for the loss of your kitty. I leave in a senior mobile home park in Central Florida (for the Winter), where they decided to trap and take the cats they trapped to animal control (death) or do who knows what with all the feral cats (because they had too many complaints) and a hoarder and his neighbors where threatening to kill each other, etc. A woman from a trap and release group tried to get the Park Manager to let us take the cats to be neutered or spayed and return them, but the Park Manager would have nothing to do with that. One of my neighbors was trapping cats and my friend from the Trap and release program had been talking to him. She called me and said: "I think _______ trapped your kitten." I had been feeding a family: Father (to many in the park), Siamese Mother, their year old cat, and four month old kitten. I went over there and he was just about to give the cat to the enforcer (guy who threatened to kill the neighbor) to put in his pick up truck and take who knows where (Note: he is the Park Designated Enforcer, but he doesn't have a driver's license). I am nice to these Jack-a---s, because I wanted to try to save the cats I had been feeding. The enforcer brought over the kitten and the next day brought over the Mother. I am friends with the Father so I could put him in the trap to go to the TNR for neutering. We couldn't get the Mother (hiding under the bed) after setting up the trap again and getting the kitten. I wish I never would have taken the kitten there. It had not known how to use the litter box but with Mom's training it was almost using it every time, although getting litter out all over. I had been taken a long time to make friends with it and it was now purring and letting me rub it (with the occasional scratch). We took 9 cats and the kitten to the TNR place and the friend from the Org. previously said not to say what was really going on because this group is only for spaying and neutering outside, feral cats. I started to tell the doctor what was going on and my friend gave me the "look." The doctor was complaining about people getting $10 spay or neuter, instead of paying the $50 and not using the program like it should be. She said their ears had to be clipped. My friend had previously said only the tip would be clipped. We went to pick up the cats and the Doctor said there was a problem with the kitten: she was dead. Must have been allergic to Ketamine. Also her Father and brother from another litter had almost a fourth of his ear cut off. I think this was a strong message: this is what you get for not following the rules. I kept promising Mom I would bring her kitten home and I only wanted to try to get them socialized so another rescue place (I had paid a donation to before to take an injured cat I found and kept until it was healed). I feel so horrible that I lied to Mom, who still hides under the bed and won't let me touch her and now Brother with his ear cut so paid will probably not find a group to take him.